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What is a pocket bike?

A pocket bike is a miniature version of a GP racing motorcycle. They run on combustion engines making them superior to any battery bike.

Makes and models vary but most look just like real racing bikes. They stand 37-45cm high and weigh anything from 20-40kgs.

What is a pocket bike for?

Pocket bikes are for fun.

They also offer the younger generation of potential racers a taste of the sport. It’s the best way to introduce them to competitive motorcycle racing, cornering, balance, speed control and so on.

The likes of Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli, Jorge Lorenzo, and Marc Marquez (to name a few), all began their racing careers on pocket bikes just like ours.

How fast are pocket bikes? 

Most pocket bikes do 45-55 km/h with a standard engine. The final speed you achieve depends on your model, rider weight and road conditions.

What kind of motor does a pocket bike use?

Pocket bikes have 3HP 50cc 2-stroke air-cooled petrol driven pull-start engines.

They come with a centrifugal clutch system allowing them to be automatic.

How much power do pocket bikes have?

Stock is around 2.6HP – 3HP. You can increase your performance with our simple bolt on performance modification parts. See performance tips. 

What is the recommended age for pocket bikes? 

Pocket bikes have no age restriction.

We have riders from as young as 4 all the way to adults in their late 50s. This is the beauty of pocket bikes; all ages male and female can enjoy them.

What is the weight restriction for pocket bikes?

There are no weight restrictions for pocket bikes. They have no shock absorbers so it evenly distributes the rider’s weight through the frame. However, the heavier riders will achieve less performance. 

Mini quad bikes and mini dirt bikes have a recommended weight limit of 70kg. They have front and rear shock absorbers so heavy riders will apply an additional strain on wearing parts.

What kind of protective gear do I need?

You should invest in an approved helmet, shoulder and knee pads, a full body race suit and proper race shoes.

Without proper protection an incident at 50 km/h will leave you with nasty injuries. NEVER ride without a helmet and protective clothing. Be wise and be SAFE!

Can I add training wheels to my pocket bike?


Do I need a license for a pocket bike?


Can I ride my pocket bike on public roads?